Be Life Ready and Earn More by Being Educated

Education is power! The more educated you become the more value you’ll have in the job market. You’ll have more opportunities, be viewed as more qualified, and be more likely to advance in your chosen occupation.

When making important decisions about your education consider the following points:

  • First, and most important, finish high school. Do not drop out, don’t even think about it, and don’t be influenced to do so by friends or others who don’t have your best interest in mind. Dropping out of high school will prove to be the absolute worse decision you ever make.
  • Without a high school diploma opportunities for future success won’t exist. Don’t take your high school years lightly because how proficient you become in core reading, writing, and math subjects is critical for developing a strong foundation for all of your future learning opportunities.
  • Being educated will have a tremendous impact on your earning potential. Higher paying jobs usually require some form of diploma, certificate, or license that provides proof that you possess the special knowledge required to perform the job duties and solve the problems that correspond to a particular position. Be aware that the more difficult the problem is to solve and the more important it is to the employer the better the salary will be.
  • Minimum wage is paid because a job only requires minimal knowledge and minimal education. If you think you are entitled to earn a higher salary just because you work hard, think again, because in reality if you expect to make more money you have to be deemed qualified to earn it. An employer creates a job because there is something that they need to have done and if that something requires a higher skill level, then they will be willing to pay an amount equivalent to the importance of the job. For example, digging a 10 foot by 20-foot hole with a shovel might prove to be harder work for someone but an employer will pay a higher salary to a person who is certified to operate a backhoe who can dig that hole in a half hour instead of taking two days.

Take your education seriously! No matter if you are a teen or an adult, decisions you make about your education will absolutely be the most important decisions you’ll ever make in your entire life. Care enough about yourself to commit the time and energy to research and learn about potential career opportunities, why you need to be educated, and how much education is required to enter your chosen occupation and then advance to the level you prefer on that occupation’s career ladder.

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