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A Resource for Colleges to Address Recommendations in Complete College America’s, College, On Purpose Report

Be Life Ready® is a ready-to-use student success resource that college administrators can utilize to address the academic and career planning needs of those students defined in the new Complete College America’s, College, On Purpose report as lacking purpose while attending college. The Be Life Ready initiative was established in 2016 by college Career Services […]

BeLifeReady.com Supports AASA’s Redefining Ready Campaign

  Be Life Ready is a ready-to-use student success resource that can be utilized by school districts to address the Life Ready component of the AASA’s Redefining Ready initiative. Life Decisions Group, LLC, an educational organization founded by community college Career Services professionals, created Be Life Ready as a comprehensive, developmental process that evolves throughout […]

Help Black Lives Matter More

Black Lives Matter began as a campaign against white violence, killing and brutality of blacks by police, and issues of racial profiling and racial inequality in the criminal justice system. More changes are needed to end the decades of unrest and devaluation of the lives of blacks in America. A Nationwide Effort of African Americans […]

Be a Lifelong Learner

Being and staying an educated person is critical in today’s world. It is important to be educated and to develop a personal academic comfort zone to be able to keep up with technological advancements occurring in not only in our work lives but in our personal lives as well. To do so, you need to […]

Consider Your Educational Options Carefully

Being educated is power and it is vital to any person who expects to have the opportunity to create a more successful, satisfying life. When making choices regarding your education it is important to take the necessary time to carefully consider all of your options. Determine what level of education and the type of degree […]