Career and Personal Development Evolves Over Time

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines the simple definition of development as

  • the act or process of growing or causing something to grow or become larger or more advanced.
  • the act or process of creating something over a period of time.

You too, will grow and become more advanced over a period of time and as you do you will be asked to make decisions that pertain to your personal development and career development. Every teen and adult is expected to be able to make important academic and career decisions throughout their lives, the kind of decisions that will have a significant impact on the overall quality and level of satisfaction of their life.

For a variety of reasons, most people are never really taught or even interested in learning how to make effective life-impacting academic and career decisions. For decades in our society it’s been assumed that people will just be able to make those kind of decisions when the time comes. So often those decisions end of being made hastily without much advanced preparation. It’s important for people to understand that making important academic and career decisions isn’t like solving problems that they watch during a TV program that can be solved in 60 minutes with four commercial breaks.

A person’s career development and personal development both involve processes that evolve over time and become more advanced as an individual matures and their interests and abilities become better defined. That usually occurs following a gradual advancement of growth through a series of progressive activities that take place in a person’s life. 

Personal development is a significant component of the overall career development process that evolves throughout a person’s teen and adult years. It is important to commit time and energy to completing a number of recommended developmental activities each year. A list of these tasks can be found in the Be Life Ready guidebook available online. By completing the suggested activities, you will acquire valuable information about yourself and the world of work which you’ll need before finalizing your academic and career choices. Since tasks are developmental you may want to repeat some of them in multiple years as they become appropriate to you.

If you are a teen start early in middle school and continue developing your personal skills throughout high school. Adults will find that the majority of recommended activities will be helpful and pertinent to them as well.

Making good academic and career choices definitely is something that should evolve over time in order to produce the best possible outcomes.

Everyone Receives a Birth and Death Certificate, All Other Certificates Have to Be Earned

At birth, every individual receives a birth certificate validating the beginning of their life and at the end of it that person, actually a surviving family member, will receive a death certificate that officially validates that the person is deceased. Those two certificates are the only ones a person receives automatically.

All other certificates that an individual receives throughout their lifetime must be earned and require some effort to attain. The purpose of a certificate is that it provides proof that the recipient has acquired special knowledge and expertise in a concentrated area of study. To do so, rigorous academic standards must be met and usually a qualifying exam is required as part of the certification process. Only after passing that exam will a certificate be awarded indicating that the recipient has successfully mastered the skills required to enter a job and perform it successfully.

No matter what occupational field you choose, chances are in addition to first earning a high school or college diploma there’s also a certification requirement for it depending on the level you are at educationally and professionally. Today according to the Certification and Accreditation Directory certification programs have grown enormously with nearly 1600 certifications required to either enter an occupation or keep it. Workers are expected to stay current throughout their career by acquiring knowledge through continuing education courses needed to become re-certified.

Today’s global and technologically advanced society requires ways of recognizing competence in professionals and providers of services. Occupations ranging from doctors, lawyers, engineers, and architects to pet trainers and cake decorators all require different types of certifications to either enter the profession or perhaps to supplement existing credentials in order to stay employed in an existing occupation. Careers in fields such as automotive, manufacturing, fitness, medical and health support, human resources, teaching, child care, welding, real estate, information technology, financial planning, and safety are examples of occupations where workers are expected to become and remain certified.

When researching careers or talking to others who may be employed in an occupation that you are considering be sure to learn what certifications are required of that occupation. Find out if earning a certification will help you gain employment, help you advance, make more money, or be more marketable. Listen carefully and consider that information as you make your educational and career decisions.

As always, care enough about yourself to commit the time and energy to research and learn about certifications for any potential career opportunities you are considering. Getting answers to your questions will help you understand the importance of being educated and how much education is required to enter and advance in your chosen occupation.

Be Life Ready, Is All About You!

Let’s begin by explaining what Be Life Ready is and why you should read this blog and future ones. If you care about yourself then the Be Life Ready blog is for you! It’s your decision, it’s your life and only you can control what level of success you’ll attain and what the overall quality of your current and future life will be. Be Life Ready is also for you to share with others you may care about, especially if you are in a position to influence and help them achieve greater academic, career, and personal success.

Be Life Ready will impact how you feel, what you think, what you do, who you could become, and how you make important life-impacting decisions. It was created to serve as a catalyst to inspire teens and adults to achieve their full potential using commonsense approaches and practical information included in 9 specific Keys to Be Life Ready. Addressing each key will help increase the chances of creating a life that is a more meaningful and satisfying one. Everyone, including you, deserves the opportunity to become successful!

Imagine that you are standing at the beginning of a long road. That road represents your destiny, the pathway leading you through life. Are you ready and confident to travel down that road? Be Life Ready is intended to provide you with knowledge to help you navigate through life in a more confident and productive way.

Be Life Ready is built upon a very basic principle; the quality of any person’s life is a direct result of the choices he or she makes throughout it. Therefore, the more proficient you are at making decisions that will produce favorable outcomes the more likely a happier, more successful, life will result.

Think about your life? What kind of life do you have? Is it the kind of life you expected or want to have? If not, then you need to follow the Be Life Ready blog on a regular basis to gain practical information focused on topics related to the following 9 Keys to Be Life Ready:

  1. Be educated and a lifelong learner.
  2. Create and maintain a Success Team.
  3. Develop a Success Plan.
  4. Use an effective decision-making process.
  5. Make good big-ticket decisions.
  6. Focus on personal development.
  7. Be knowledgeable of skills.
  8. Market yourself and interview positively.
  9. Understand how to find a job.

Come back and visit and you’ll be glad you did! Comments are welcome.