Following are anonymous testimonials from past students enrolled in Al Foderaro’s college-level Career Development: Theory and Practice course that served as inspiration for him wanting to create the Be Life Ready initiative. Future testimonials from individuals or group facilitators who participate in the Be Life Ready Challenge will be provided as they become available.

Everyone should gain this knowledge before they leave the college environment. I learned information that will always benefit me.

Possessed tremendous amount of valuable information and is a great self-image booster.

One of the most inspiring professors I have ever had who makes you feel good about yourself and lifts your self-esteem.

Made me feel more aware of myself as a person, the kind of person I am.

Helped me take a good look at myself and to start to make important decisions about my future.

Information gained was very helpful, made job searching easier being better informed of process.

Possesses the ability to improve a person’s confidence and brings a new light to a person’s perception of careers and schooling.

Extremely enthusiastic, helpful and sincere.

Was knowledgeable and enlightening and always made me feel that he was talking to me.

Great motivator, always upbeat, will help you with any problems you might have. He cares!

Helped me find myself. One of the best instructors I’ve ever had.

Great- always ready to help in any way possible. Shows strong interest in student well-being.